Reasons why your business is failing

Most of the time businesses don’t go under overnight. It happens gradually and signs begin to show that things aren’t going according to plan. Sometimes an idea never does work and so much time can be wasted on something which just won’t work. Below is a list of things that may […]

How to get a BEE certificate

BEE businessmen

What is BEE? BEE stands for Black economic empowerment put in place by the South African government to address historical imbalances of the country by encouraging participation of black people in the South African economy. This growth strategy not only diversifies the economy but also brings in previously disadvantaged into the […]

Why should i register my business

All businesses in South Africa are required to be registered by CIPC and have a company registration number. There are quite a few benefits to this but some of the main reasons are listed below:   1 – Draw customers and the company looks legitimate Most people want to do business […]